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Employee Health Plan Wellness Program

EHP Wellness Program Update:

EHP Wellness programs may be taxable.  In conformity with current IRS rules and regulations, the value of your fitness center membership and other wellness programs are generally considered taxable income and reportable on your Form W-2.  This applies to contracted vendors and depends on your health status.

About EHP Wellness Programs

We want to save lives and reduce the incidence of chronic disease that results from poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and smoking.  That’s why we designed these programs – to help you make healthier lifestyle choices and improve the quality of your life. 

We encourage all members to take advantage of these offerings. Your participation in the EHP Wellness Programs is the key to their success – and will result in a healthier workforce, increased morale, and reduced healthcare costs for everybody.


Smoking Cessation

Physical Activity

Weight Management

and Nutrition


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A message to plan members enrolled in our wellness programs


If you are enrolled in the wellness programs that include Weight Watchers, Curves, and the Cleveland Clinic fitness centers, please be sure to participate in these programs as required so you can maintain your free membership. Regular participation allows you to get the most out of the program to meet your health and fitness goals.


Below is a summary of participation requirements for our wellness programs. 



Health Plan Wellness Program Requirements


Weight Management Programs

Physical Activity Programs


  Weight Watchers:

      At Work/Community Meetings:

  • Attend 15 of the 18 meetings
  • Submit weight tracker at end of session

      Online Program

  • Log in and enter weekly weigh-ins for 10 of 13 weeks
  • Submit numerical progress report at end of session

  Curves Fitness

  • Attend 10 times each month
  • Have measurements taken each month

If you attend less than 10 times a month for 3 consecutive months, your reimbursement for membership will be ended and Curves has the right to collect payment directly from you.

  Curves Weight Management:

  • Attend/participate in 10 weeks of the 90 day program.

  Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers:

  • Have measurements taken each year




  Tier 1 Weight Management:

  • Attend 75% of the scheduled program meetings.


If your participation falls below the program requirements, the health plan will notify you about what you would need to do to maintain your free membership. 

The EHP Wellness Programs implemented new guidelines in 2013 for members not meeting the participation and/or paperwork requirements.  Under the guidelines, after two occurrences of not meeting the requirements of a program(s), the EHP will stop paying for the program(s) on the member’s behalf.  Examples of occurrences are:

  • not submitting your Weight Watchers weight tracker in a timely manner
  • not attending the required number of Weight Watchers meetings
  • not meeting the participation and measurement requirements for Curves Fitness Program
  • not meeting measurement requirements for Curves Fitness/Complete
  • not meeting attendance requirements for Curves Weight Management

Notifications are sent to members on their first and second occurrence.   After the second occurrence, the member becomes ineligible to participate in the EHP Wellness Programs.  Members do have an opportunity to be reinstated.  To be reinstated, the member must first submit documentation that they have participated in an EHP Wellness Program for four months, meet the program requirements, and submit the appropriate biometrical data (weight, attendance, measurements).  A program application would need to be included with the proof of payment for the program.  The payment is the responsibility of the member and is not reimbursable.


If you have questions about how often to participate or about other program requirements, please contact us at 216.448.2247 or toll-free at 1.877.688.2247, to speak with a wellness programs specialist.


We are counting on your cooperation and support of these requirements so that we can continue to offer our plan members these valuable and life-changing wellness programs.



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