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Thank you again for joining us at the 2013 Quality and Patient Safety Innovation Summit hosted by Cleveland Clinic. We hope you found the summit valuable. We also hope you took a moment to complete the evaluation form that was distributed at the event and return it. If not, we would greatly appreciate you doing so. Your feedback is important to our future planning strategy. Please print the evaluation form, complete and return via email to or fax it to 216.932.0444.

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Patient Experience:
Empathy & Innovation Summit
May 19-21, 2013

Consider attending both the Quality and Patient Safety Innovation Summit AND our sister summit on Patient Experience.

What's Unique About this Summit?

Most national meetings on healthcare quality and safety focus their programs on the stakeholders who are directly responsible for measuring and improving quality and safety. This Summit expands that focus to address value in healthcare as viewed by patients, payers and providers. It is a forum for new ideas, the exploration of evolving opportunities and models, and forging new relationships that can be converted into transformational improvements in patient care.

This Summit provides a forum where all stakeholders can develop mutual awareness and explore opportunities for leverage, collaboration, and "cross-fertilization".

The 2013 Cleveland Clinic Quality and Patient Safety Innovation Summit builds upon the tradition of the highly acclaimed Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit Series. Since 2004 these Summits have provided a national and international forum to explore and advance opportunities for innovation in patient care.