The HRConnect Portal ( requires you to use Internet Explorer version 6, 7, 8 or 9 only.




Any User that encounters technical issues accessing the new HRConnect Portal should follow the instructions below that best describes their computer configuration.


Cleveland Clinic owned Windows Computers


Technical issues including a blank white screen can be been resolved by changing the
settings in Internet Explorer. Click here to view instructions for changing the settings for Internet Explorer. If you do not have privileges to change the setting for Internet Explorer, please contact the HELP Desk for your area.

Personal Windows Computers


Users experiencing technical difficulties accessing the HRConnect Portal using personal computers should click here to run or download and install an automated fix. All open browser windows must be closed for the fix to complete and it is not necessary to reboot your computer.


Anti-virus software may display a warning against running the program. If you wish to proceed, click the message to allow the installation to complete.


Some security suite programs will need to be disabled completely to complete the installation.


Users running Windows 7 with elevated security may receive a message that requires administrative rights to run the program. Simply right click on the program icon and select "Run as Administrator", answer any prompts that follow and it will install. The installation will take less than a second to complete.



Cleveland Clinic owned MAC Computers


MAC computers must be logged into the Cleveland Clinic network either internally or using a token through 4Corners.


1.    The Citrix client must be installed on your MAC.

2.    Go to

3.    After a successful install, go to any Cleveland Clinic Intranet Web page.

4.    Click on Employee Services.

5.    Click on the HR Portal (Mac Users) link.

6.    A login box will display.

7.    Use the drop down menu to confirm the letters cc display in the last field.

8.    Type in your Outlook (Active Directory) name and password.

9.    The new HRConnect Portal will display.

10.  You must always launch the new portal from the HR Portal (Mac Users) link.



Personal MAC Computers


MAC Users accessing the new HRConnect Portal from personal MAC computers have three possible options.


1.    Users that already connect to the Cleveland Clinic network using a token through 4Corners should follow the instructions above.

2.    Users can run Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9 through one of the Windows emulator programs such as BootCamp, Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Any MAC User still experiencing technical issues should click here to display instructions to change the settings in Internet Explorer or click here to download and install an automated fix.

3.    Users can discuss receiving remote access using a token through 4Corners with their manager or supervisor.



Any Mobile Device


Mobile device users (iPhone, iPads, smart phones, tablets, etc...) will not be able to access the new HRConnect Portal.



Please Remember:


For security reasons, it is always a Best Practice to log out of, and close your browser program after accessing any web page that requires a confidential login.